Who we are

" We navigate and inspire business start up and scale up Founders, CEO’s and Investors, in their (ad)ventures to achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions.”

Zarir (Zed) Vakil, Founder Director and Principal Consultant, Work Source Limited


Who we are and what we do.

At Work Source, we have a straightforward goal - to drive exponential growth for founders, CEOs and investors on a mission. Over the last twenty years, we have helped several UK SMEs scale their business at every stage of their evolution, from ideation to Series A.  Led by founder and former VC investment portfolio director Zarir (Zed) Vakil, Work Source believes in a hands-on partnership approach to business growth consulting. Drawing on our sector agnostic background, WorkSource offers a diverse range of services and solutions, customised to suit your specific business requirements.

We have significant experience ideating, launching, leading, operating, scaling and advising businesses across a number of different sectors, through varied economic cycles and different stages of growth. Our track record of helping ambitious business founders, CEOs, and investors leaves us well-placed to address a wide range of business challenges, so if you need assistance we can help.

Get in touch for a free consultation today, or just drop us an message, and we’ll contact you. Your business deserves the best, and we’re here to help you give it just that.

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Our Principal Consultant,  Zarir ‘Zed’ Vakil

Zarir (Zed) Vakil is an entrepreneurial live wire and sector-agnostic force multiplier for businesses.  A Kenya-born British Parsi he moved to the UK when he was 13, and is no  stranger to change and transition, and ensures that his clients embrace it too when it comes to their businesses.

He began his career with multinational companies BAT Industries Plc and GKN Plc and has always been passionate about understanding what makes businesses tick. Having made his mark as a pragmatic, action-oriented, and growth-driven sales leader, Zed moved to venture capital as an investment portfolio director - founding, acquiring, growing, turning around and exiting several companies.

Zed's knowledge from these experiences led him to found Work Source, where he could share his understanding of the nuts and bolts that drive exponential business growth and  navigate and inspire business founders, CEOs and investors. Through Work Source, Zed personally works with and advises startups and scale ups, and their investors; offering his counsel to a broad range of companies as an interim executive and non-executive director, board advisor, consultant and an investor ally.

A straight-talking, down-to-earth, results-driven leader, Zed believes in moving quickly and intentionally towards a well-defined plan of action. An expert commercial leader and mentor, he understands different clients need specific approaches, and customises his interventions to deliver exceptional results. This while avoiding the pitfalls traditionally associated with growing companies.

Our values

A Force for good

Our need for you to excel is a huge motivating factor. Your success is our success. Sharing our experiences and knowledge and preventing you from making unnecessary mistakes is a force for good. We want you to get joy from your business for yourself, your investors, your family and your community. The values of integrity, community, being a force for good have channelled our work in many different situations in various businesses.

People Centric

People have always been at the centre of what we do.  Our families, relatives, clients, and our communities. We want people to know that there is no magic wand,    but critical guidance and steps you can take to make your family and business work in tandem and enjoy the proceeds. We’ve helped many founders avoid fundamental errors, simply because we had been there before and want passionately to share the acceleration of the business that knowledge can bring.